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Judo (Fitness) Program-Staten Island Judo Jujitsu Dojo
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Judo Fitness Program

Judo translating in English to "gentle way", is a Japanese martial art, combat sport and self defense. Judo was created in the year 1882 by Jigoro Kano. Judo is comprised of throws, submission techniques, and hold downs. Judokas are tought techniques and encouraged to learn to apply them in free practice (randori). Good judokas are required to have good moral character should practice judo regularily.

Judo is the most practiced individual sport in the world. It is the 2nd largest sport in the world (1st is Soccer).

Judo is an Olympic sport!


Students who enroll are enrolled in our annual membership Adult Judo Program receive:

  • -Unlimited access to all Adult Judo and Jujitsu classes.
  • -Access to Saturday Sparring Class.
  • -Discounted pricing on all of our martial arts merchandise and memberships.
  • -Discounts on all products or services offered by of our affiliate businesses.