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Kids Martial Arts Classes Judo Jujitsu Staten Island
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Kids Judo & JuJitsu Program

Our kids martial arts classes teach your kids self defense, self confidence, and discipline. Our programs will also help your children build focus. Our instructors emphasize education, community involvement and, parental obedience as well as self defense.

All kids (4-8 years old) & Juniors (9-12 years old) enrolled in our Judo & Jujitsu martial art programs will be taught from our advanced curriculums which has been designed to teach your child the necessary techniques required for promotion through our system which has been designed to comply and exceed the Kodokan, USJA, and the USJF standard for rank promotion. Most importantly, our program is designed to teach kids self defense, discipline, compassion and overall good character. Our program is very diverse and has been proven to produce national medalists in Judo and Jujitsu (grappling) tournaments. We are a traditional school and do not over emphasize competition. We focus more on the cultivation of ones self and the ability to learn through a mutual beneficial process.

Judo is an Olympic sport!


Kids who enroll are enrolled in our Judo & Jujitsu annual membership receive:

  • -Access to our monthly Judo tournament. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals are awarded!
  • -Access to Saturday sparring class.
  • -Discounted pricing on all of our martial arts merchandise and memberships.
  • -Discounts on all products or services offered by our local business affiliates.

Below are a list of Scholarships available to Judo students.

General Endowment Grant    Academic Honor Society   George Balch Scholarship Tamo Kitaura Scholarship   Elizabeth Lee Scholarship   Keiko Fukuda Scholarship

Noboru Saito Judo Development    Dr Joseph Fitzsimmons Scholarship    John Osako Scholarship    Ben Palacio Scholarship    Jeremy Glick Award    Athlete Scholar of the Year