we teach awareness, range and PRACTICAL self defense techniques

We provide an extremely well rounded martial arts program for teaching kids self defense.  We not only make the kids fit and teach them the proper techniques to use, we convey an overall message of self awareness and self defense.  Often times kids are confronted with one, or multiple attackers,  We give kids the mental and physical tools required to protect their self in the event they are attacked.  Most importantly, our program is designed to teach kids self defense, discipline, compassion and overall good character. Too often today kids have to deal with bullying.  By helping a child improve their confidence through the practice and application or Jujitsu, you can greatly reduce a child’s chances of being bullied or feeling helpless in the event they are bullied.

We drill attack and defense scenarios, in real time.  By giving your child the necessary tools needed to defend themself under duress, they will develop the confidence to know they can use it if the time ever comes when they need to defend themself.

If your child has tried karate or boxing and is looking to learn more well rounded self defense option which includes striking, grappling and ground fighting, we highly suggest they try our kids jujitsu class.

 Our Kids Jujitsu program is available to kids (12 years old and up).  Sign up on this website for a FREE trial class.

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