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Our kids judo classes teach your children self defense, self confidence, and discipline. We focus on character development. We teach kids how to deal with challenges and how to persevere through adversity. We show them how to become leaders, a skill that they can use throughout their entire lives. Our programs will also help your children build focus. Our instructors emphasize education, community involvement and and parental obedience.

All Kids (6 years old and up) enrolled in our Judo program will be taught from our advanced kids martial art curriculum which has been designed to teach your child the necessary techniques required for promotion through our system which has been designed to comply and exceed the KodokanUSJA, and the USJF standard for rank promotion.

Every month we host our in house Judo tournament.  This helps our students develop character through the adversity of competition all while teaching them to respectful of themselves, their parents, and the art of Judo.  This also keeps students focused on their training and improvement. Participation in the tournament is not mandatory however, a large percentage of students are extremely excited to participate.  It is both fun and challenging!

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Our program is very diverse and has been proven to produce national medalists in Judo and Jujitsu (grappling) tournaments.  We focus on fitness for a good portion of all of our classes.  Today NYC schools are not offering as much physical education as they have in previous years.  Many kids are overweight and need a place where they can exercise.  If you’re interested proving a physical outlet for your child or, having them get in better shape, we have the solution!

We are a traditional school and do not over emphasize competition. We focus more on the cultivation of ones self and the ability to learn through a mutual beneficial process.

All of our instructors, assistant instructors and volunteers are background checked and have completed Safesport & CDC Heads Up training prior to helping in each class.

Kids Judo (Ages 5-7)

This program is designed to give kids ages 5, 6 and 7 an optimal level of stimuli.  Our goal is to keep kids productive and learning as much as possible throughout the entire class.  At ages 5-7 it is easy to over stimulate children.  This results in distraction, disinterest and underproduction.  Our program for kids 5-7 years olds provides a great balance of fitness, focus, discipline and basic Judo techniques.

Kids Judo (Ages 8-9)

This martial arts program for kids aged 8-9 has evolved through many years of teaching to offer a near perfect balance of all of the core components of Judo.  Your child will learn a significant amount all while having fun in a respectful and disciplined environment. 

Kids Judo (Ages 10-11)

This fast passed program is set up to handle the attention span of kids 10-11.  It offers all of the great components of the younger program and also has time allotted for additional throwing and sparring practice.


Cadet Judo (Ages 12-15)

The Cadet Judo program is our most fitness and sparring focused kids martial arts program.  This super-efficient class will put your child on a fast path to progress.  In no time they will be able to execute throws and holds for use in tournaments or general self defense.


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