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state-of-the-art martial arts studio

We have one of the most technologically advanced martial arts training facilities in the United States. The dojo features a completely sprung floor system to ensure every fall is easy and fun. We also have traditional Japanese pocket doors, 2 sun-filled sky lights and wall mats recessed into the walls. If you're looking to improve you're striking, we have new pads and gear as well.

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Our Mission

Est. 1962

Our goal is to create a martial arts program which empowers students to expand their minds, condition their bodies, and energize their spirit in the most fun and efficient way possible. The environment and the practice of Judo and Jujitsu is a mutual beneficial process which is strongly based on morals and ethics. Our students are able to live with the core values of self respect, humility, compassion and discipline while pursuing self perfection and improving society.

Our Vision

Why Choose Us?

Our custom curriculum is designed to keep students continuously learning new material all while providing structure and reinforcing material already learned. Our ranking system complies with the most strict guidelines for knowledge and application via Japan (The Kodokan). Our kids and adult class sizes are rigorously controlled to assure adequate staff are available so every student is able to get hands on instruction and assistance. Membership to our Staten Island martial art school is exclusive, and only available when there are vacancies.

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Many people who are looking for a BJJ, Karate, Boxing, Sambo, Krav Maga, or Aikido school have found our martial arts programs to provide a near perfect balance of fitness, discipline, self control, character development and technique. If you have any questions about the martial arts that we teach, please don't hesitate to give us a call or stop in to observe one of our classes.


Our Happy Customers


Being an experienced gym user, I have seen many different fitness centers, and have worked out in various conditions. But this gym is really something! It’s super clean, neat and modern. The trainers are always nice and are willing to help. Thank you for motivation to come to your gym every day where I stay fit and healthy!

Michael Scott

The gym’s great, yes. The coaches are awesome, keep you in check and push you to the limits which are great for me personally. However, the real thing comes with Rumble’s Boxing! This is the best stress release, workout, and motivation. There’s just something about boxing that makes you want to change your life completely, stay focused and fit. I recommend your boxing courses to everyone.

Tedd Baker

It feels amazing after just a few workouts to be a part of your wonderful team. I feel that I and the coach are a team, and together we work to improve body and mind, strengthen the spirit and motivate each other to work harder. They have high-quality equipment, spacious rooms, rest areas and everything you can think of.

Peter Lee

Our Location In

Staten Island